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Fuel throughout being pregnant: yoga poses to fight this embarrassing symptom

Fuel throughout being pregnant

Is Being pregnant Making You Fizzy? You aren’t alone with this probably embarrassing being pregnant symptom. The physique goes by way of many modifications throughout being pregnant that decelerate digestion and trigger extra gasoline to construct up. The manufacturing of progesterone will increase throughout being pregnant, and this hormone relaxes the muscle tissues in your physique, together with the muscle tissues in your intestine. When the motion of the intestinal muscle tissues slows down, digestion additionally slows down. This results in a build-up of gasoline, which in flip results in bloating, burping and gasoline. As your being pregnant progresses, the rising uterus will put extra strain in your stomach cavity and this could additionally decelerate digestion and result in extra gasoline. Consuming sure meals and your prenatal nutritional vitamins also can trigger constipation and extra gasoline. Though gasoline throughout being pregnant is the results of regular physique modifications and doesn’t have an effect on the fetus, it’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and generally painful. Thankfully, there are a variety of issues you are able to do to alleviate gasoline throughout being pregnant. Specialists recommend – • Drink loads of fluids • Train day by day • Keep away from meals that may set off gasoline formation akin to Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, wheat and potatoes. • Improve your fiber consumption. • Eradicate nervousness and stress out of your life, as they’ll enhance the quantity of air you swallow and trigger gasoline and bloating.

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var initialPicLoadCount=”2″;
var gallery_images = JSON.parse(`[{“ID”:”802980″,”post_author”:”Longjam Dineshwori”,”post_date”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_modified”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Gas during pregnancy”,”post_title_clean”:”Gas during pregnancy”,”post_name”:”gas-during-pregnancy-802980″,”post_name_ext”:”gas-during-pregnancy-yoga-poses-to-combat-this-embarrassing-symptom-802979/gas-during-pregnancy-802980″,”post_excerpt”:”Is pregnancy making you gassy? Youu2019re not alone facing this potentially embarrassing symptom of pregnancy. The body goes through many changes during pregnancy which slow down digestion and cause formation of excess gas. The production of progesterone increases during pregnancy and this hormone relaxes muscles in your body, including that of muscles of your intestine. When movement of intestine muscles slows down, digestion slows down too. This leads to build up of gas, which consequently bloating, burping, and flatulence. As your pregnancy progresses, the growing uterus will increase pressure on your abdominal cavity and that can also slow down digestion and lead to more gas. Consumption of some foods and your prenatal vitamins can also cause constipation, and more gas. While gas during pregnancy is a result of normal body changes and does not affect the foetus, it is uncomfortable, embarrassing and sometimes painful. Luckily, there are various things you can do to relieve gas during pregnancy. Experts suggest – u2022 Drinking plenty of fluids u2022 Exercising daily u2022 Avoid foods that can trigger formation of gas such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, wheat, and potatoes. u2022 Increase fibre intake u2022 Eliminate anxiety and stress from your life as they can increase the amount of air you swallow, and lead to gas and bloating.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”802981″,”post_author”:”Longjam Dineshwori”,”post_date”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_modified”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Try yoga to combat the gas during pregnancy”,”post_title_clean”:”Try yoga to combat the gas during pregnancy”,”post_name”:”try-yoga-to-combat-the-gas-during-pregnancy-802981″,”post_name_ext”:”gas-during-pregnancy-yoga-poses-to-combat-this-embarrassing-symptom-802979/try-yoga-to-combat-the-gas-during-pregnancy-802981″,”post_excerpt”:”Exercise can help prevent constipation and speed up digestion and reduce build-up of gas during pregnancy. Here are some yoga poses you can try to manage constipation and get rid of gas.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”802982″,”post_author”:”Longjam Dineshwori”,”post_date”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_modified”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Childu2019s Pose”,”post_title_clean”:”Child s Pose”,”post_name”:”childs-pose-802982″,”post_name_ext”:”gas-during-pregnancy-yoga-poses-to-combat-this-embarrassing-symptom-802979/childs-pose-802982″,”post_excerpt”:”The child pose is great prenatal yoga poses that help take the pressure off your belly as well as remove trapped gas. If youu2019re in your 2nd or 3rd trimester, placing a block underneath your forehead may give more room for your belly. Start on all fours, spread your knees wide and extend your fingers to the top of your mat. Bring your forehead as close as possible to the ground. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 5 minutes.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”802983″,”post_author”:”Longjam Dineshwori”,”post_date”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_modified”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Seated forward pose”,”post_title_clean”:”Seated forward pose”,”post_name”:”seated-forward-pose-802983″,”post_name_ext”:”gas-during-pregnancy-yoga-poses-to-combat-this-embarrassing-symptom-802979/seated-forward-pose-802983″,”post_excerpt”:”Sit on the floor with your buttocks and straight your legs in front of you. Now bend forward with the upper torso from the hips slowly and gently. It can help regulate the digestive system, relieve headaches, as well as calm your mind and nerves.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”802984″,”post_author”:”Longjam Dineshwori”,”post_date”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_modified”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Happy Baby Pose”,”post_title_clean”:”Happy Baby Pose”,”post_name”:”happy-baby-pose-802984″,”post_name_ext”:”gas-during-pregnancy-yoga-poses-to-combat-this-embarrassing-symptom-802979/happy-baby-pose-802984″,”post_excerpt”:”Ananda Balasana or Happy Baby Pose is another effective way of eliminating gas during pregnancy. But avoid lying on your back for an extended period. Lying on your back, lift the knees up towards the sides of the body and hold the feet with the hands or use a yoga strap. Then gently rock from side-to-side like a happy baby, inhaling and exhaling deeply.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”802985″,”post_author”:”Longjam Dineshwori”,”post_date”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_modified”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Knee to Chest Pose”,”post_title_clean”:”Knee to Chest Pose”,”post_name”:”knee-to-chest-pose-802985″,”post_name_ext”:”gas-during-pregnancy-yoga-poses-to-combat-this-embarrassing-symptom-802979/knee-to-chest-pose-802985″,”post_excerpt”:”Apanasana, also referred to as the Wind-Relieving pose or Knee to Chest Pose, calms the mind and relaxes the body. This pose too involves lying on the back for extended periods, so donu2019t do it for long. Lie on the back, clasp the knees. Exhale and draw them gently in toward the chest and tuck the chin to the chest. Then inhale and release the knees slightly away from the chest.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”802987″,”post_author”:”Longjam Dineshwori”,”post_date”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_modified”:”2021-03-20 17:10:28″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Take note”,”post_title_clean”:”Take note”,”post_name”:”take-note-802987″,”post_name_ext”:”gas-during-pregnancy-yoga-poses-to-combat-this-embarrassing-symptom-802979/take-note-802987″,”post_excerpt”:”Always consult with a doctor before starting any exercise regimen during pregnancy. If you develop severe pain that lasts for more than 30 minutes or constipation for more than 1 week, seek immediate medical attention.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”}]`);
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