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From Tiger Shroff to Varun Dhawan: Hiring a Superstar Health Coach Will Price You So A lot

Kuldeep Shashi Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani

The proficient actor who has managed to make his place in Bollywood has an envious physique and the credit score goes to Kuldeep Shashi. He’s an motion coach, parkour skilled and martial artist, who additionally trains Disha Patani. Courses at Shashi’s Flyzone Health, the place Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are sometimes seen nailing again flips, can value you Rs. 500 for a session and Rs. 6,500 for a month.

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var gallery_images = JSON.parse(`[{“ID”:”797546″,”post_author”:”Arushi Bidhuri”,”post_date”:”2021-02-22 13:19:30″,”post_modified”:”2021-02-22 13:22:37″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Tiger and Varun”,”post_title_clean”:”How Much It Would Cost To Hire Fitness Trainers”,”post_name”:”tiger-and-varun-797546″,”post_name_ext”:”from-tiger-shroff-to-varun-dhawan-celebritys-fitness-trainer-will-cost-you-this-much-797543/tiger-and-varun-797546″,”post_excerpt”:”Many people look up to celebrities for fitness. Some get inspired by Tiger Shroffu2019s abs, others wish to get ripped like Hrithik Roshan. Behind the sculpted bodies of these celebrities is sheer hard work and persistence. Despite their tight schedules, they always work hard to keep themselves fit and healthy with the help of their fitness coaches who keep a vigilant eye on their eating and workout schedules. If you too are wondering how much it would cost you to hire Indiau2019s biggest celebrity trainers. Here is the breakdown of your favourite actoru2019s traineru2019s fees.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”797548″,”post_author”:”Arushi Bidhuri”,”post_date”:”2021-02-22 13:19:30″,”post_modified”:”2021-02-22 13:22:37″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Kuldeep Shashi”,”post_title_clean”:”Kuldeep Shashi Tiger Shroff And Disha Patani”,”post_name”:”kuldeep-shashi-797548″,”post_name_ext”:”from-tiger-shroff-to-varun-dhawan-celebritys-fitness-trainer-will-cost-you-this-much-797543/kuldeep-shashi-797548″,”post_excerpt”:”The talented actor who has successfully made his space in Bollywood has an envious body and the credits goes to Kuldeep Shashi. He is an action trainer, parkour expert and martial artist, who also trains Disha Patani. Classes at Shashiu2019s Flyzone Fitness, where Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are often seen nailing back flips may cost you Rs. 500 for one session and Rs. 6,500 for one month.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”797549″,”post_author”:”Arushi Bidhuri”,”post_date”:”2021-02-22 13:19:30″,”post_modified”:”2021-02-22 13:22:37″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Prashant Sawant”,”post_title_clean”:”Prashant Sawant Varun Dhawan Shah Rukh Khan Arjun Kapoor Kartik Aryan”,”post_name”:”prashant-sawant-797549″,”post_name_ext”:”from-tiger-shroff-to-varun-dhawan-celebritys-fitness-trainer-will-cost-you-this-much-797543/prashant-sawant-797549″,”post_excerpt”:”In awe of Varun Dhawanu2019s abs? Do you too want abs like the Badlapur actor? If yes, you might want to connect with Prashant Sawant, his fitness trainer. He has been a part of the industry for 20 years and trained many A-list celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, Arjun Kapoor and Kartik Aryan. A single session at Sawantu2019s studio Body Sculptor would cost you Rs. 3000, whereas a monthu2019s cost would be Rs. 40,000.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”797569″,”post_author”:”Arushi Bidhuri”,”post_date”:”2021-02-22 13:19:30″,”post_modified”:”2021-02-22 13:22:37″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”DEPS”,”post_title_clean”:”Yasmin Karachiwala Katrina Kaif Alia Bhatt Deepika Padukone And More”,”post_name”:”deps-797569″,”post_name_ext”:”from-tiger-shroff-to-varun-dhawan-celebritys-fitness-trainer-will-cost-you-this-much-797543/deps-797569″,”post_excerpt”:”The popular Pilates instructor, Yasmin Karachiwala trains many A-list celebrities including Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, and Kriti Sanon. She is often seen training with these celebrities, especially Katrina Kaif, who often teams up with her for exhausting partner exercises. A single session would charge you Rs. 1,180 and one month would cost Rs. 10,000 at Yasminu2019s Body Image. “,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”},{“ID”:”797552″,”post_author”:”Arushi Bidhuri”,”post_date”:”2021-02-22 13:19:30″,”post_modified”:”2021-02-22 13:22:37″,”post_content”:””,”post_title”:”Namrata Purohit”,”post_title_clean”:”Namrata Purohit Sara Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor Jahnvi Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut”,”post_name”:”namrata-purohit-797552″,”post_name_ext”:”from-tiger-shroff-to-varun-dhawan-celebritys-fitness-trainer-will-cost-you-this-much-797543/namrata-purohit-797552″,”post_excerpt”:”Co-founder of The Pilates Studio, Purohit is the youngest trained Stott Pilates trainer in the world. From the likes to Kangana Ranaut to Jahnavi Kapoor, the Pilates instructor is one of the most famous Pilates trainers, who is known for her down-to-earth attitude. She also happens to be the trainer who helped Sara Ali Khan on her weight loss journey. For one session at The Pilates and Attitude Training Studio, it would cost you Rs. 2,500 and one month would be Rs. 12,000.”,”guid”:””,”post_category”:”Photo Gallery”}]`);
var gallery_info = {“gallery_info”:{“id”:”THS_Photo_797543″,”title”:”From Tiger Shroff to Varun Dhawan: Hiring celebrity’s fitness trainer will cost you this much”,”url”:””,”date”:”2021-02-22 13:19:30″,”strdate”:”2021-02-22T07:49:30Z”,”moddate”:”2021-02-22 13:22:37″,”author”:”Arushi Bidhuri”,”authorurl”:””,”articletype”:”Photo”,”categorybadge”:”Photo Gallery”,”category”:[“Photo Gallery”],”categoryslug”:[“photo-gallery”],”tag”:[“Celebrity fitness”,”Celebrity weight loss”,”Tiger Shroff”,”Varun Dhawan”],”tagslug”:[“celebrity-fitness”,”celebrity-weight-loss”,”tiger-shroff”,”varun-dhawan”],”enclosure”:””},”category_galleries”:””};
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